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Power System Analysis

Power System

How RMS Can Help

The Electricity at Work Regulations places a requirement on duty holders to understand the electrical installations for which they are responsible. A key aspect of this is ascertaining the suitability of equipment on the network to operate safely under both normal and abnormal conditions. The following studies can be and should be undertaken to demonstrate compliance with the EAWR.

Power System Analysis

EAWR Compliance

Fault Study

Understanding the fault currents that may be present under fault conditions and the suitability of equipment to withstand these stresses.

Protection Grading Study and Settings

Confirming correct protection coordination and protection schemes to ensure only unhealthy circuits are disconnected under fault conditions and that disconnection times are adequate.

Harmonic Analysis

Evaluation of the harmonic distortion created by non-linear loads on network and filtering requirements.

Dynamic and Transient Analysis

Utilised to understand network performance and stability under disturbance events.

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With knowledge and experience of design, delivery and installation of systems compliant with IEC IEEE 80005-1, RMS Power Engineering can provide assistance with all manner of frequency conversion projects from conceptual and feasibility design through to detailed design and delivery.

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